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Monday, October 17, 2011

Getting to know the Digital Cameras!

                     People are confused on what kind of camera to be used in a special occasion. But before anything else, we should know first the types of Digital Cameras that are available in the market--- There are several types of digital camera that are always available in the market but we will just talk about the 2 common cameras that are "IN" today.

  • Compact Digital Camera (Digital Cam.)
  • Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera (DSLR)
                      As we all know, the camera's stated above are all Digital.. Let's define or get to know them one-by-one.

      Compact Digital Camera are designed to be tiny and portable for casual and Snapshot use. It is also known as "Point And Shoot Cameras." Compact Digital cameras have a unique design that is suitable for teenagers and young at heart that love taking pictures anywhere, Because it is "easy-to-use." The main purposed of of this camera is to capture events in a click away. Let's talk about its designs..... The smallest digitalcam is just about 20 mm in size. Well, people love this camera because they just insert in their pocket after they used it.... In my opinion, they are the easiest camera to be used to capture moments.

         Let's now go to the best-friend of all photographers------Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera. It is a camera based on the Single Reflex Lense principle uses a mirror to show in the viewfinder the image that will be captured by the camera. Digitalcams can be put in your pockets on the other hand Dslr cannot, they must be put in their cases that are intended to keep them safe because Dslr have delicate parts.

          If we compare Dslr and DigitalCams in terms of their ability to capture good and high quality here it is:
  • DSLR's could capture High definition images than the Digital Cameras.
  • DigitalCams' have unique designs but DSLR's don't have.
  • DSLR's can be focused manually, Digital Cameras have auto-focus
It is your decision to choose what camera you will use. Just remember to take care it always...     Thank you for reading my Blog... See you next time... Have a nice day!!!  

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